Non-Profit Project Proposal
Non-Profit projects have been selected for 2017.  Any project submitted will be considered for the 5th annual Community Service Day in 2018. This event is Folsom’s largest day of volunteerism and service.  This major citywide event mobilizes thousands of volunteers of all ages and interests to complete service projects throughout Folsom. Our goal is to connect volunteers with projects that make a positive, lasting impact in the Folsom area.  We are seeking community-based projects for the Community Service Day event.
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What is the maximum number of volunteers that could work on the project on Community Service Day?

What is the minimum number of total volunteers that would be needed on Community Service Day to complete the project within 3 hours?

How many volunteers will {{answer_B0jpCwpIWnzS}} be contributing?

What is the estimated total cost of the project?

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The project manager will help identify materials and tools needed for the project.  The project manager will also coordinate the volunteers on location on Community Service Day.  Is {{answer_55559170}} able to serve as the project manager on this project?

Thank you.  Non-profit projects are reviewed in the Spring each year and we'll let you know if your project has been selected!