Neighborhood Project Proposal
Folsom’s largest day of community service has many projects in parks, schools, trails and at non-profit facilities but not all of our community’s needs are in these public spaces.  This year we have a new initiative focused on neighbors helping neighbors.  Maybe an elderly neighbor needs a fence repaired or some weeding done?  Maybe a neighbor is going through a tough time medically and could use some repairs?  We all need help at some time in our lives and supporting our neighbors is part of what makes our community special.
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The project manager will help identify materials and tools needed for the project.  The project manager will also coordinate the volunteers on location on Community Service Day.  Are you able to serve as the project manager on this project?

Does the individual or family in need have the financial means to provide materials for the project or do they need assistance?

Thank you, {{answer_55557020}}.  Your project proposal will be reviewed and we will be in touch to let you know whether your project was selected for this year's Community Service Day!